The Theory Behind How Magnetic Therapy Works

What Is Magnetic Therapy?

Dating back thousands of years, magnetic therapy remains one of the one of the most popular alternative medicine treatments today. The practice involves the use of static magnets being placed on different areas of the body, with the belief that this can help treat various medical issues, from muscle pains to headaches.

The magnets used in this particular therapy are often worn as a bracelet or other forms of jewelry, although there are many other products currently available, including magnetic straps, braces, blankets, creams and supplements.

How is Magnetic Therapy Supposed to Work?

As with most alternative medicines, magnetic therapy can be considered quite polarizing. Regardless, the purported theory behind the treatment is actually very easy to understand.

It is based around the theory that the magnets that are worn can help to realign the natural magnetic fields in and around our bodies. By altering these fields, an individual is said to gain various mental and physical health benefits.

One particular health issue that magnetic therapy is alleged to be most effective is the recovery and/or reduction of muscle and tissue pain. This is why magnetic therapy is commonly utilized through jewelry and other wearable products, as it would allow any problematic areas to be specially targeted.

The Possible Health Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

In theory, magnetic therapy has many possible health benefits. The most notable of these claims is the ability to help deal with pains and aches, particularly in muscles and tissue, meaning that the treatment could possibly provide a natural pain relief.

This is due to the belief that the static magnets provide a natural calming effect on muscle and tissue, helping to increase the blood flow of the targeted area, resulting in the perfect environment for our bodies to naturally heal itself.

For example, if someone where suffering from neck pain and was looking for a natural pain relief treatment using magnetic therapy, a neck brace featuring static magnetics may be a possible treatment.

Other users of the therapy also claim that the orientation of the magnetics could determine the outcome of any effects it might have.

All effects caused by the magnets are said to be completely positive. An increase in blood flow will also ensure that more nutrients can be spread throughout the body, as well as potentially removing harmful toxins present in the tissue.

Additionally, it is believed that various other health benefits can be gained. For instance, a healthier sleep cycle could be achieved due to a potential increase in melatonin production, and it is also theorised that it could even help he body produce more endorphins too – which is a body’s natural painkiller.

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The Benefits of Tourmaline and Far Infrared Rays Therapy

What is Tourmaline and Far Infrared Rays Therapy?

Far infrared rays (FIR) are invisible energy that can be easily be absorbed by the body. These rays have been developed into an effective medical therapy that can provide various healing benefits when absorbed.

As far infrared rays can penetrate the human body with ease, they are absorbed into our tissue, muscle and bone. This energy can then increase the overall surface temperature of the body, which leads to improved functioning to allow the body to enhance its natural healing processes.

While far infrared rays are produced by the sun, they can also come from many other sources, such as the semi-precious gemstone tourmaline. This mineral has the rather uncommon ability to produce far infrared rays due to its natural electric charge, allowing tourmaline to be used in far infrared rays therapy.

How Does It Work?

The main goal of far infrared rays therapy is to provide the body with a source of FIR that can be absorbed, with various sources being used including saunas, heat pads, and materials such as tourmaline.
In the case of tourmaline, the gemstone will usually be worn close to the body (usually incorporated into jewellery) to allow as much exposure as possible.
When FIR is absorbed, the body quickly begins to warm and the heartrate will also increase. The higher our levels of FIR, the better equipped the body is to battle health ailments.

For example, with quicker blood circulation as a result of FIR, the body enjoys more oxygen and nutrients being circulated, which in turn can target any problematic areas of the body that require detoxing or recovery.
This is completely safe for the individual using the therapy, as our bodies actually emit FIR naturally, and it has no effect on the skin like ultra violet rays.

What are the Potential Health Benefits?

There is no shortage of benefits when it comes to far infrared rays therapy.

For example, FIR can work as a highly effective detoxing agent that help combat fatigue, reduce water retention, lower cholesterol and remove many harmful toxins and containments present in the body.

The many toxins present today can be easily absorbed into the body, which can actually impair its ability to naturally heal.

However, oxygenation and regeneration of the blood can be achieved thanks to FIR’s ability to expand the capillaries that carry blood through the body, which not only aids in the removal of toxins, but also improves the functioning of the major organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver.

In addition to this, natural pain relief and recovery for muscles, joints, and tissue is possible through this therapy too, whether it’s a headache or neck pain. The immune system also receives a boost, with both white blood and natural killer t-cells increasing.

Due to its ability to increase the heartrate, FIR can also help with weight loss issues, as the body must work harder to remain cool, so it is even possible to burn calories through this treatment! This will help break down fat, cellulite and other weight-related toxins that has built up over time!

It’s safe to say that there are many ways that your personal health can be improved through the use of Far Infrared Rays Therapy!

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